Introducing SK-II GenOptics Spot Pen, a revolutionary combination of a powerful formula and a cutting-edge magnetic applicator, which reduces spots effectively. Worldwide exclusively available at Singapore Changi Airport from 11 – 28 Feb 2019.

Unveil flawless, translucent skin with SK-II’s innovative spot treatment, SK-II GenOptics Spot Pen. SK-II’s most concentrated Smart Cocktail¹ formula is delivered by a cutting-edge magnetic applicator that boosts absorption². With just one touch, effectively target hidden spots and prevent new ones from growing³.

SK-II research has revealed that the skin on top of spots tends to be dryer, thicker⁴, and stiffer, making it harder for active ingredients to penetrate⁴ and target spots. The cutting-edge magnetic applicator is able to soften that layer⁵ and reach areas of concern more effectively.

¹ Combination of Niacinamide (Whitening Active ingredient), Inositol (skin conditioning agent) and Hexyl Decanol (skin conditioning agent). The cocktail has been formulated with the highest concentration of Inositol and Hexyl Decanol ever used in SK-II products.
² Compared to finger application.
³ By suppressing melanin production.
⁴ Refers to stratum corneum.
⁵ Via hydration.

How to use: Place the applicator tip on area of concern.Gently push down once to release the essence. Rotate the applicator lightly on skin to blend it in. Repeat on other areas of concern.

Worldwide exclusively available at Singapore Changi Airport from 11 – 28 Feb 2019.

Exclusively available on iShopChangi from 4th – 10th Feb 2019.