What makes you feel alive? BOSS ALIVE makes duty-free debut

What makes you feel alive? BOSS ALIVE makes duty-free debut

Created entirely by women, for women, BOSS Parfums is unveiling BOSS ALIVE, a fragrance for women who make bold moves.

Independent, elegant and powerfully feminine – the women representing the spirit of BOSS ALIVE understand that spontaneity and happiness are as important to their story as dedication and focus. They know that being true to themselves is their greatest strength.

Designed to celebrate the bliss of being immersed in the moment, BOSS ALIVE offers a fresh take on feminine freedom. The new addition to the BOSS Parfums portfolio acts as a reminder to live life to the full every day.

As previewed on Duty Free Hunter last month, BOSS ALIVE is now on sale in duty-free stores.


Starring four global talents, Emma Roberts, Laura Harrier Bruna Marquezine, and Chloe Bennet, the BOSS ALIVE campaign offers a unique perspective on the experiences that make them feel most alive. A fresh take on feminine spirit captured by women, the campaign spans a TVC which shows them enjoying the simplicity of everyday moments while out and about in Los Angeles, brimming with their contagious energy and a series of still portrait images that bring out their individuality. The all-female team is completed by renowned perfumer Annick Ménardo, designer Amelie Riech, director Rebecca Zlotowski and photographer Collier Schorr.

The campaign film, by French director and screenwriter Rebecca Zlotowski, seamlessly strikes a balance between the purposeful woman in control of her destiny and the carefree expressiveness of someone lost in the moment. The four women begin singing to themselves, without a hint of self-consciousness. The song – What’s Up by the Four Non-Blondes – is a contagious soundtrack that gradually grows from a whisper to an anthem as a shared moment of joy takes over. The campaign photography is shot by world renowned photographer Collier Schorr, bringing the fragrance to life, telling the story through beautifully elegant imagery.

Emma Roberts is an undeniable talent, who has amassed an impressive film and television career over the course of over a decade. Emma explains:
“I felt most ALIVE when I learned when to say yes and when to say no in my career. Timing is everything and it’s so bold to be able to make that distinction.”

Laura Harrier is a native of Chicago and began her career at 17 as an international fashion model where she travelled the world and graced the pages of fashion magazines. Now she focuses on acting with roles in award-winning blockbuster films. Laura adds:
“I feel most alive when I am doing something new like watching the sun rise in a place I had never been or trying something that may have scared me in the past; getting lost in a new adventure. There are also the moments returning to the familiar—like seeing my family after a long time away from home and being enveloped in all that love”.

Bruna Marquezine is one of the most influencing personalities and models of her generation. At 23, and with a career of almost two decades, she is one of the current most celebrated Brazilian actresses. Bruna says:
“What makes me feel alive today is art or being in love with someone or something or travelling. To live life to the fullest, I always try to be truthful and authentic. I think that the best way to live is being truthful to oneself, the things in which you believe and the way you are. That is the best way to make the most of our lives.”

Chloe Bennet is a multi-hyphenate creative, who began her career as a pop star in Asia before successfully transitioning to Hollywood, where she has emerged as a leading talent in popular film and television projects. Chloe comments: “Being on set makes me feel most alive, as does being creative, falling in love and just genuinely having a great conversation. The BOSS ALIVE woman isn’t afraid to go with her gut, even if everything is chaotic, she has a clear vision of what she wants. That’s who wears BOSS ALIVE.”


BOSS ALIVE is a fruity and woody Eau de Parfum created by renowned perfumer Annick Ménardo as a female companion to the iconic BOSS Bottled male scent. A joyful fragrance with a signature trail, BOSS ALIVE is designed to inspire women to live life to the full every day. The scent unfolds through notes of energetic Apple, sharp Blackcurrant, sun-kissed Plum and warm Cinnamon that remind the wearer that life is best lived vibrantly. The addition of natural Madagascan Vanilla becomes a marker of the perfume, a symbol of the joie de vivre that the BOSS ALIVE woman possesses. At the floral heart, Indian Jasmine Sambac envelops the senses as it contrasts with Thyme, reflecting her ability to balance awareness and abandon with ease. The backbone of the scent leans on vibrant and strong woods comprising Chinese Cedarwood, creamy Sandalwood, Olivewood and Alaskan Goldenwood, which offer a reassuring warmth and strength that inspires the BOSS ALIVE woman to march to the rhythm of her own drum.

Annick says, “You have to be able to feel this, it’s not just another fragrance, it has to be something quite powerful, sensual, gourmand, yet elegant and simple. I think that’s the BOSS Woman”.


Housed in a sleek flacon designed by German jewellery maker Amelie Riech, its architectural shape and heavy glass bottle is encased by a feminine golden metal band; a solid and tangible reminder that happiness can be found within each moment.

Amelie comments: “I think BOSS has a very strong image with very masculine influences so it was interesting to develop a female counterpart and see how we could embody this for all women. When I look at a bottle, I see much more than that. For me, it’s a piece of jewellery, a masterpiece, it’s like a precious stone, something very valuable.”


An accompanying documentary film spotlights the female creative talents behind the fragrance and its campaign. Perfumer Annick Ménardo, flacon designer Amelie Riech, director Rebecca Zlotowski and photographer Collier Schorr join the four campaign talents in talking about their personal moments of self-fulfilment, self-realisation, bold moves and happiness. The women discuss authenticity, courage, their own definition of what success means, and reveal how being immersed in their respective creative worlds is what makes them feel alive. The documentary is the first of its kind to introduce the full story behind a fragrance in its entirety, starting with its conception to the final design, all the way up to the talent and the campaign.

When you value personal happiness, new meaning is brought to each moment. Embrace the present and #FeelALIVE with the this feminine, yet powerful new fragrance.

And you, what makes you feel ALIVE? #FeelALIVE

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