Travellers flying through London Heathrow T2 will be attracted by the 20 sqm eye-catching and unmissable pop-up located outside the main World Duty Free shop, in a high visible traffic area.

Surprise, fun and excitement. In front of the main elevator dressed up with a full Black Opium look, travelling customers will discover Yves Saint Laurent Beauty universe and iconic products through unique digital and retail experiences. The pop-up features three core YSL brand lines – Black Opium addictive fragrances, Y, the newly launched scented expression of masculinity, and Tatouage Couture, the new fashionable liquid matte lipstick.

Three worlds, three ways of living the YSL Beauty spirit and get part of the edgy gang by sharing experiences on social networks.

Women will fall in love with the exclusive YouCam IPad app, that enables them to virtually try mutiple make‑up products and looks. They can directly see the results on the Ipad screen and share their look with their friends. Digital tutorials are also available to invite them to create new makeup looks before enjoying free makeovers by YSL Beauty Make‑up Artist. To create the best look, a smart digital mirror adapts the light intensity to create different atmospheres, either daylight or night effect.

To dive into the rock universe and join the new Tatouage Couture gang, women are even invited to get tattooed! A tattoo artist will be present on peak traffic days to draw temporary tattoos, and Beauty Advisors will offer temporary tattoo stickers and stencils everyday.

After these exclusive makeup and tattoos sessions, passengers will be delighted to share the selfie they will take in front of the exciting Tattoo brick wall.

As YSL Beauty universe is all about addiction, beauty advisors will help travellers getting addicted to Black Opium with a playfull experience. Travellers entering the pop‑up store will all be given a token to insert into an ATM machine that delivers free Black Opium samples.

Passengers will then be invited to enjoy a lively photobooth, and make rock, glamourous and fun GIFs in front of the Black Opium station. They will receive them in a ready‑to‑share format!

Male travellers will also dream, dare and live several entertaining experiences linked with Y, the new masculine fragrance by YSL Beauty. While discovering the energy of the juice, they will have a chance to dive deeply into the Y world thanks to the immersive movie at the Occulus station. They will also express their creativity, printing their own personnalized stickers to customize their suitcase, their phone or their notebook.

Famous influencers such as Amelia Liana, Lydia Millen and Ali Gordon have already been seduced by this exclusive pop‑up store and they have shared their experience with their community on Instagram and on their blogs.

This pop-up store is the illustration of an amazing retailtainment and new eventing dimension. Yves Saint Laurent Beauty gives travellers the opportunity to dare, live and share various experiences, which is precisely what they need when flying through airports.