Nomade Nuit d’Égypte is an homage to the creator’s homeland.

This philosophy led to the creation of Nomade, an iconic fragrance situated at the crossroads of cultures that pays tribute to a lust for wandering and sharing. It is an invitation to roam ever further in a quest to discover the world.

Now embarking on a new adventure, Nomade heads off on its maiden voyage for Egypt to reconnect with the roots of Maison founder Gaby Aghion.


Nomade Nuit d’Égypte is an homage to the creator’s homeland. Born in 1921 in Alexandria, Gaby Aghion later left Egypt for France in the mid-1940s. Ever since she founded Chloé in 1952, the memories of her birthplace have continually inspired the Maison’s style.

“The colours I see in my mind’s eye are all shades from Egypt. Egypt is a colour for me. It has the most beautiful sand I have ever seen, taking on a beige-tinted pink hue and flowing like silk between the fingers. I brought the colours of Egypt over with me.”

Recognised as the birthplace of perfumery, the first perfume known to humankind was created in Egypt: kyphi.

This substance was burnt by the priests of antiquity to honour the god Ra, but was also considered to be a precious remedy used in pharmacopoeia, hence its name meaning “twice good”. Archaeologists have found various formulas to make kyphi, specifically at the Temple of Horus in Edfu and Temple of Hathor in Dendera. Today, Chloé reinterprets this precious alchemical art.


To compose Nomade Nuit d’Égypte, perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou has revisited kyphi with a modern, refined approach, constructing it around a selection of base ingredients mentioned in ancient recipes for the elixir.

Myrrh appears from the very first breath, its powerfully resinous accents melding with spiced notes of ginger and cinnamon followed by honeyed hues of broom flower nectar. Cypriol and opopanax then swathe the accord in their supremely round, balsamic and ambery notes.

At the fragrance’s heart, the reinterpreted kyphi pairs with another ingredient from Egypt. Sourced from fields planted along the Nile Delta and exuding its characteristically soft-yet-profound inflections, orange blossom absolute lays bare its most opulent facet. Lastly, a touch of warm, sensuous vanilla completes this alluring Eau de Parfum formulated with 90% natural origin fragrance.

Nomade Nuit d’Égypte is presented in the iconic bottle of its fragrance line, while the knot tied around its neck takes on a brand-new, mystery-tinged hue of deep blue. This is the famous “Egyptian blue,” renowned to be the first-ever pigment created by humankind some 4500 years ago.

Reflecting Chloé’s commitment, the packaging for this fragrance uses 15% recycled glass for the bottle and 40% recycled cardboard for the FSC-certified box.