Johnnie Walker unveils two exclusive whiskies to toast the Year of the Rat

Johnnie Walker unveils two exclusive whiskies to toast the Year of the Rat

For Chinese New Year, Johnnie Walker has released two exclusive and limited edition iterations of its bestselling heavyweights as a marker of prosperity and happiness.

This Chinese New Year Johnnie Walker has launched two special gifting editions of its famous whiskies.

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year of The Rat edition makes the perfect gift for discerning whisky drinkers. It honours the rat, the first of all the zodiac animals, as a representation of wealth and abundance to welcome in the new year. In each panel, illustrator Shirley Gong — whose Chinese heritage was an inspiration to the design — highlighted the rat’s finest characteristics of optimism, wisdom, ambition, and vitality. Lanterns hanging off cherry blossom trees convey lavish harvests brought by the rat, along with blessings of good fortune. As for the blend, it is a true masterpiece that combines some of Scotland’s most remarkable rare single malt and grain whiskies. Its fruity complex palate deepens the flavours of meaty dishes, and leaves a memorable aftertaste and smoky finish, making it especially suitable for Chinese New Year delicacies.

The John Walker & Sons XR 21 Phoenix Pack Limited Edition, on the other hand, puts the phoenix as a central motif. While this storied series celebrates historic milestones, the XR 21, in particular, pays homage to Alexander Walker II, grandson of John Walker, and his knighthood in 1920.

As a testament to the exemplary craftsmanship of John Walker, it was created with a rare and age-old three-stage blending method using the most exclusive rare reserves of Johnnie Walker, each matured for at least 21 years, and in limited qualities. The result? Intriguing layers of intensity that pairs well with sweet marinades and roasted poultry. An initial warm smokiness gives way to the sweetness of honey and spices. Imbued with undertones of smoky tobacco, ripe tropical fruits and caramel, it boasts a long, smoky finish and a subtle pettiness that sensuously lingers.

This Chinese New Year, the Phoenix Pack edition puts the mythical creature in the spotlight. A majestic addition to the elegant Art Deco-inspired decanters, the phoenix is believed to signify virtue, grace, peace and prosperity in Chinese folklore and represents well-wishes for a recipient who is “anything but ordinary”.


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