Lancaster reveals new Sun Sensitive suncare range

Lancaster reveals new Sun Sensitive suncare range

50 years after the launch of its first sunscreen product, and after many pioneering innovations in the field of sun protection, Lancaster is relaunching its sun protection range for sensitive skin, with clean & ocean friendly formulas.

To enjoy the sunshine and spend a wonderful summer of fun, in the heart of unspoilt nature, Lancaster rises to a double challenge with the new Sun Sensitive range: clean & ocean friendly formulas without any compromise on the high level of efficacy and sensoriality Lancaster has always guaranteed. Even delicate skin types can benefit from the legendary Lancaster tan: that famous, luminous, even and long-lasting tan that is emblematic of the French Riviera!

The most complete Lancaster protection thanks to high SPF and FULL LIGHT TECHNOLOGY

Introduced across Lancaster’s entire sun protection range in 2016, this unique technology targets 100% of the sun spectrum. Its comprehensive action is effective on UVB and UVA rays, which make up less than 10% of the sun spectrum, while protecting against Visible Light and Infrared rays, which make up more than 90% of the remaining spectrum.

Dedicated to sensitive skin’s specific needs with the NEW SUNSICALM COMPLEX

Specially developed for reactive skin, this natural-origin complex of Jasmin flower and bitter orange flower extracts, bisabolol and cotton extract, with their soothing and hydrating properties, preserves sensitive skin from sun-induced damages. In this way, the Sun Sensitive range helps reduce redness and the feeling of discomfort.

An enhanced natural tan with the TAN ACTIVATOR COMPLEX

Composed with extract of sweet orange blossom of natural origin, this exclusive complex helps to gradually obtain a luminous, even and long-lasting tan. It has been developed for fair and sensitive skin that does not tan easily, in a reduced time of sun exposure.

Ultra-sensorial textures

Sun Sensitive offers ultra-sensorial and lightweight textures that penetrate easily without white traces, with a transparent finish after application. Suitable for sensitive skin, like their delicate fragrance, these formulas are a real pleasure to use.

This summer Lancaster has designed the ideal set for sensitive skin

DUO HERO Body Protection Milk SPF50 and Face Protection Milky Fluid SPF50

These two essentials offer sensitive skin optimal protection for the face and body. With SPF50, their lightweight, non-greasy, non-sticky textures, invisible once applied, glide on the skin’s surface without leaving white marks. They leave a highly sensorial velvety finish.
The result: protected and hydrated skin, for a radiant and progressive golden glow.


SOOTHING After Sun Repairing Balm

Moisturizing and nourishing, it effectively preserves sensitive skin from sun induced damages and repairs after a day in the sun. Refreshing and comforting, its rich texture, without being sticky, immediately calms sensations of heating or tightness to restore the skin’s suppleness and luminosity. Within its “clean” formula, no less than 96% of ingredients of natural origin take care of the most sensitive skins while reducing redness and the feeling of discomfort. Day after day, the tan remains luminous and lasts longer, even after returning from vacation.


KID-FRIENDLY Kids Milky Spray SPF50+ Face and Body

In order to offer optimal sun protection for children, Lancaster has developed a spray that is easy to apply to dry or wet skin, that is water-resistant and anti-sand and does not sting the eyes. Fragrance-free, its formula has been designed to efficiently preserve the sensitive skin of children.
As a bonus, children love its playful packaging and parents love its easy-to-use spray format!
With proven efficacy!

94% Skin has a delicate progressive glow
92% Skin redness & feeling of discomfort are reduced
92% Reduce free radicals induced by sun

Sun Sensitive: Lancaster ’s high-performance protection respects the most sensitive skin’s needs 

  • Provides optimal protection with Full Light Technology, which targets 100% of sun spectrum (UVB, UVA, Visible Light and Infrared rays).
  • Helps reduce redness and the feeling of discomfort while protecting sensitive skin from sun damage, thanks to the new natural origin Sunsicalm complex.
  • Respects marine life, with minimalistic, vegan, water-resistance formulas that do not contain water-soluble sun filters, all in eco-designed packaging.
  • Gives a luminous and long-lasting tan which develops gradually thanks to the famous Tan Activator Complex, that stimulates the tanning process for a never-ending summer.
  • For children, a convenient face and body spray that meets all their needs (anti-sand, wet skin application, tearless formula, water resistant and fragrance-free).


To be continued… 

The Sun Sensitive range dedicated to sun protection for sensitive skin complements the Sun Protective Waters SPF30 & SPF50 sprays of the iconic Sun Beauty range, which provide a refreshing nude skin sensation as well as Golden Tan Maximizer, the Legendary After-Sun Routine. In 2020, they marked the beginning of a commitment to cleaner and more environment-friendly formulas.

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