David Beckham brings grooming to airports with HOUSE 99 barbershop

David Beckham brings grooming to airports with HOUSE 99 barbershop

David Beckham’s HOUSE 99 grooming brand continues to reach out to travellers around the world.

In 2018 David Beckham, the man with one of the most recognisable faces on the planet, who has always styled it his own way creates his own grooming brand, HOUSE 99,  with the ambition to demystify men’s grooming needs and encourage self-expression and style.

The holistic approach to beauty with its incremental categories of beard care, haircare and skincare all offering beautifying solutions, and with David Beckham as a coach, has enabled the recruitment of new travelling customers who do not usually buy skincare in duty-free.

Since the month of March, various airports, especially in Europe, have started to highlight HOUSE 99. The staging of HOUSE 99 in the dedicated spaces perfectly reflects a place where free spirits can encounter style and grooming.

The one-of-a kind expression of barbershop-inspired retail with the aim to mirror David Beckham’s own style rituals and deliver grooming excellence is quite engaging. Travelling customers are encouraged to discover, experiment in a relaxed and playful environment filled with marble, wood and copper- and be inspired by the House 99 community led by David Beckham.

Passengers are invited to join this community and enjoy a unique experience. They can have their beards trimmed, be shaved or get a facial treatment. Experts provide them with plenty of advice and tips to allow them to explore their own unique style and express their identity.

HOUSE 99 offers a variety of expert grooming solutions for every male hair and skin type, to perfectly meet travellers‘ needs whatever their grooming habits, aspirations or purchasing power.

Britta Hoffmann, Director Purchase Perfume & Cosmetics – Gebr.Heinemann : “We see a lot of potential in House 99 and are excited to introduce the fantastic brand in selected retail locations. It is definitely exhilarating to watch House 99 turn into another success story.”

Alexandre Guiffard, Operational Marketing Manager –SDA (Société De Distribution Aéroportuaire) “The creation of House 99 complements an increasingly dynamic sector and reflects men’s concerns and a state of mind: to be uninhibited, groomed but not to excess, comfortable and confident in your own skin. House 99 brings many assets, particularly by covering new sectors (beard & tattoo) and remaining accessible, which allows us in Travel Retail to distinguish ourselves with a targeted yet very universal range”.

Since the month of June travellers flying through Hong Kong International Airport have discovered HOUSE 99. The brand will be showcased through an eye-catching pop-up store in August.

From July, Travel Retail Americas will highlight House 99 at Puerto Iguazu (Argentina). Later on, the brand will be rolled out to Miami and Atlanta airports.

HOUSE 99 marks the debut of a digital success story. HOUSE 99, has created major buzz and excitement through e-retail and social media allowing brand’s awareness and visibility. For customers in search of grooming and style the digital channel is the first point of contact to HOUSE 99.

Recently, Asian customers addicted to e-shopping have connected with HOUSE 99 on Shilla Duty Free’s website. Lotte will also welcome the brand on its website in the coming days. Considering the increasing and impressive number of followers since its launch, HOUSE 99 will keep on recruiting new customers.

David Beckham’s HOUSE 99 grooming brand is coming to duty-free

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