Ray-Ban ushers in a new era with its Icons 2024 campaign, a tribute to the popular sunglasses brand’s enduring legacy and fashion-forward innovation. The advertisements, a series of striking black and white portraits, showcase the iconic styles that have defined generations: the Clubmaster, Wayfarer, Aviator, and Round.

Fashion models Peng Chang and Martina Horak, captured by photographer Lucrezia Ganazzoli, embody the unique spirit of each Ray-Ban design. From the modern edge to the classic Wayfarer, a symbol of artistic and musical revolutions from the ‘60s to the hip-hop era.

On the other hand, there’s the timeless chicness of the Round, a style known for its nonconformist and creative ethos since 1989. The Clubmaster, with its blend of old-school charm and ‘80s flair, represents those who aspire to reshape culture.

There is also the Aviator, known for its timeless shape through the decades and inspired by those who take flight.

Styled by Sissy Vian, the campaign features close-up shots, placing a focus on the eyewear. Leather jackets and denim, selected to complement each pair of glasses, underscore Ray-Ban’s blend of vintage allure and contemporary fashion.